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Now thru May 8th (Mother's Day)
Rixe   Cleo   Sabi   Sarina  Sonya
Conan   Cop   Condor   Santos
Take $500 Off any Pup Litters 1, 2, & 3 OR
Take $200 Off any Pup + FREE SHIPPING In USA

Litter #1 VA-Memphis x V1- Imbra  1 Female "Rixe"
Litter # 2 V-Pepe x V-Rapi 3 Males  1 Female
Litter #3 V-Giacomo x V-Mathilde  1 M  1 M Longcoat  2 F Long
Must take possession of pup by May 8th

Litter #4  VA-Risco x V-Obie 4 Males  3 Females

Litter #5  V-Campari x V- Katja  2 Males  2 Females
Litter #6 VA1-Chicco x VA1-Brigit  2 Males 1 Female

Litter #7  V- Gardi x SG1-Gaylene 1 Male  3 Females

Financing Available  Pre-Approval in 15 mins.Visit FINANCING PAGE

Elite German Shepherds
ph: 512-767-4000

Copyright this business, the running gsd animated logo,the names Elite German Shepherds & Von Fenwald & Von Fenwald's Elite 1988 thru 2016. Deposits & Payments on Dogs & Pups are Non Refundable.  Are Sold As Is, after being deemed 100% Healthy from a Veterinarian.  In certain circumstances credit towards future dog may be applied.  All rights reserved. All pictures & Animated Logo & Text are prohibited from copying without Written Permission.  We ARE ELITE GERMAN SHEPHERDS.  WE ARE THE ONLY ELITE GERMAN SHEPHERDS.  Don't be fooled by imitations and the latest trend of inferior kennels now using the terms Elite German Shepherds to jump high on the search engines with our name.  If you know Shepherds, you'll see that there's nothing Elite About Their Dogs.


Elite German Shepherds
ph: 512-767-4000